Strategic Biofuels LLC is a renewable fuel project development company

Strategic Biofuels is developing a series of deeply negative carbon footprint plants that cost effectively convert forestry waste from responsibly managed and sustainable plantation forests into clean-burning renewable transportation fuels.

Strategic Biofuels brings value to the environment and the communities where we work. We reduce the greenhouse gas emissions by 401% compared to fuel production from fossil fuel sources. We create a new use for forestry waste materials known as residuals, thus improving economic returns in the timber industry. We bring high paying jobs to the rural areas where we operate. We offer investment opportunities meeting environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria to qualified investors.

Using Proven Technologies

Our fuels are made with bankable,
licensed technologies


Strategic Biofuels is using proven technologies from world-class companies, implemented by the world’s smartest engineers, to produce our renewable fuels and capture the greenhouse gases prod­­uced. The greenhouse gases are safely and permanently stored deep underground using proven methods that are safe for people and safe for the environment.

Louisiana Green Fuels Plant
Port of Columbia, LA


Strategic Biofuels’ first plant is Louisiana Green Fuels (LGF) which is located at the Port of Columbia in Caldwell Parish, Louisiana. The site is shovel ready and offers significant logistical, regulatory, and economic advantages.

Achieving a Negative Carbon Footprint Plant

How we turn forestry waste
into eco-friendly renewable fuel

The waste materials from managed, sustainable plantation forests are used as the feedstock for the renewable fuels. Growing the trees to a size that is usable for lumber requires periodic thinning of a low percentage of the trees to allow the remaining trees to grow bigger and faster. Fuels produced from these materials have a lower carbon footprint than fuels produced from petroleum.

Reducing greenhouse gases
into eco-friendly renewable fuel

During the processing of the wood into fuel, the majority of the greenhouse gases (primarily carbon dioxide,CO2) are captured using proven and cost-effective technology.  Sulfur and nitrogen from the wood are removed resulting in ultra-clean fuels. The “drop-in” fuel is chemically identical to petroleum-derived fuels but emits much lower levels of emissions when used for transportation.

Safely storing carbon emissions
deep underground

The captured carbon dioxide is injected deep underground thousands of feet below any drinking water aquifer using a highly regulated and EPA-approved sequestration well. The same forces that have kept oil and gas underground for millions of years will permanently lock the captured CO2 inside the geologic formation.

This form of geologic carbon sequestration has been used all over the globe without there ever being a leak.